Tensou anime

Tensou in the anime.

Tensou(てんそう) is one part of Kaoru's inukami pack. She is the quietest she is also revealed later on that she is an great artist as she carries around a sketch book, her drawings are done fast with perfect accuracy in chapter 22 this is shown when Keitasee's some of her drawings one of Nadeshiko and the other of Karina both drawings look just like them. Tensou is one of the least shown of Kaoru's inukami and has few speaking roles.



In the manga additional datails are revealed of Tensou.

  • Height:173 cm
  • Bust: 83 cm
  • Waist:58 cm
  • Hip:81 cm
  • Age:185
  • Tensou is shown very little in the story compared to other characters.